Save Energy, Increase your efficient

Computer usage is a vital part of human daily activities. Mean time there should be a consideration about saving the energy.
There is a common saying when some one asked to save the energy. " I pay , I waste or I use, mind your business". This correct. I pay, I use. But why energy saving is so important nowadays.
When a bulb lighting means, its consume some energy, this energy is produced by burning fuel( diesel) and release carbon dioxide(CO2)  to environment. After that you know the rest. CO2 is heavy, and its always stay close to ground. As we know colors has values, music provokes feelings, CO2 Hold the heat. Thats why day by day environment getting heat.
Even turn off your monitor when you leave your desk, its a showing a mercy to this earth for caring you for years.

Some tips that can save your time, and save the earth.
  • If you are working in a project and leaves the desk for 15 minutes, Put the PC in to Standby.(this will boot back your pc in less than 5 seconds - you have to keep the power but its very very less power consume to keep in standby)
  • If you leave your desk for 20 or more, Put your PC in to Hibernate. You don't need to close your documents or web browsers, when you resume your PC from hibernate, you will get back your screen as you left it. Only the if you were playing any music, it will be paused. some players will continue playing from the place your hibernate. you can turn off all the powers and can leave that way for years, nothing will happen)
  • Use LCD monitors instead of CRT ( LCDs consume less power than CRT monitors and of course good for eyes)
  • Try Google power meter for online power management.
  • Use Energy meter to check what are the wasting points of energy.
Good luck for a great peace full life.


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